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How to find the best business credit card to suit your business expenses

Did you know around 67% of small-business owners have a business credit card, but only 24% use it as their primary way to pay for business spending? The benefits of using your business credit card more are numerous; it makes it easier to gauge your business health, reduces tax-time headach…

Aligning your business and personal spending to get the most rewards

Credit card rewards started with the Discover® cash-back program back in the ’80s, but today’s reward catalogs run the gamut from travel to store cards to electronics and more. The plethora of credit cards and reward choices can leave a small business owner dazed as they look for th…

From tradesmen to tradespeople: Women forging ahead in the skilled trades

It’s an excellent time for women in construction. As The Washington Post reports, we are in the middle of a “new wave” of female builders, contractors and small business owners, wielding not only power tools but also Instagram-friendly hashtags like #MoveOverBob and #tradeswomenofIG. “There has neve…


Cash-flow, expense-tracking and rewards are some of the most common solutions offered by business credit cards. With so many options available, let us help you find the best card for the unique needs of your business.

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